Adventures of Monty

Adventures of Monty

There was a knight as unusual as his name, Monty, who had earned a spot in the whispers and rumors of taverns. He wasn't famous for his bravery in battle or his romantic conquests, but for a peculiar activity: he stole chickens.

But why would a knight like him stoop to being a chicken thief? The answer lay in his origin. Monty came from a family of farmers and in his childhood, he was always hungry. His family could not afford luxuries, and chickens were the only sustenance they had left. In an act of desperation, young Monty began stealing chickens to support his family.

When Monty became a knight, he moved to the castle, far from the tasty chickens of his farm. Soon, the lack of his favorite dish became unbearable. He decided that if he couldn't have chickens from his own farm, then he would take them from the kingdom.

He initiated a series of nightly robberies, visiting every farm in the kingdom and "removing" a few chickens. He cooked them in his room, in a secret oven he had built, and enjoyed a midnight feast.

At first, the king and his knights were puzzled by the mysterious disappearance of the chickens. Then, when Monty was appointed to investigate the thefts, he began planting false clues to divert attention. He spoke of mysterious nighttime thieves, adventurous chimpers, and even a gang of vegetarian trolls that had turned omnivorous.

The entire kingdom was on constant alert for the threats invented by Monty, while he, in secret, continued eating all the chickens he could. The smell of roasted chicken could be detected around his room, but no one suspected the honorable knight Monty.

One day, Monty learned that the king had the best chickens in the kingdom. They were fat, white, and laid golden eggs. Monty set out to steal one of these chickens and enjoy their treasure. So one night, he snuck into the castle and reached the royal henhouse. There he saw the beautiful birds asleep on their perches. Monty chose the largest one and put it in a bag.

But what Monty didn't know was that this chicken was the king's favorite, and it had a bell collar that rang every time it moved. When Monty left the henhouse, the bell began to tinkle and alerted the guards. They chased after Monty, who ran as fast as he could with the bag on his shoulder. In the end, Monty tripped over a root and fell to the ground. The guards caught up with him and captured him. They took him before the king, who was furious at the attempted theft.

"Who are you and why have you stolen my chicken?" the king asked.

"I am Monty, a medieval knight," Monty replied, "And I stole your chicken because I heard it laid golden eggs."

"Well, you've made a grave mistake," said the king, "This chicken doesn't lay golden eggs, it only paints them with golden paint. It's a way to save money and trick others."

"What?" exclaimed Monty, "So it was all a trap?"

The king, though initially furious, couldn't help but laugh at the situation. Then, he had a sudden idea. "Monty," he said, "You have a knack for chickens, that's obvious. And, I think we could use your talent in a unique way."

It turned out that the king had been interested in new technologies, especially in NFTs (Noble Fowl Tokens). He had been looking for a unique idea to launch a collection of kingdom NFTs and, at that moment, he thought that chickens would be perfect. Monty, intrigued and relieved not to be punished, agreed to help. Using his knowledge of chickens, he helped create a series of unique NFTs that represented the different breeds of chickens in the kingdom. Some were funny, others majestic, and some just absurd, like a chicken in knight's armor.

The king hired the best artists in the kingdom to design the chicken NFTs. Monty, for his part, provided detailed descriptions and characteristics of each chicken. The result was an impressive and very original NFT collection.

When they were launched on the market, the kingdom's chicken NFTs became an immediate sensation. The kingdom not only recovered the chickens that Monty had stolen, but also obtained a new flow of income in CRW.

Monty, who was once known as the knight who stole chickens to eat, became the creator of the kingdom's most famous chicken NFTs. Thus, Monty found a way to combine his love for chickens with the kingdom's needs, proving that sometimes, even the most peculiar passions can lead to the most unexpected success.